China Post is divided into three service divisions, mail Business, Postal financial savings Bank, as well as Logistics and EMS (Express Mail Services). Like all postal service China Post contends with big independently owned financial as well as courier businesses. These included leaders such as Deutsche Post DHL, FedEx, TNT and small businesses like Aerospeed couriers.

The Postal company unit of China Post is an important nationwide service for the Chinese locals. It helps s to ensure that their country safeguards their peoples’ rights to connect easily by offering an economical and dependable postal service. It additionally offers a role in adding to the basic survival of the Chines populace. The postal service offers simultaneously local as well as worldwide postal deliveries of periodicals, journals and other items such as books. It additionally has a stamps as well as philatelic services for stamp collectors and other customers. It also allows customers availability to an email and other online services. China Post through their mail servicing additionally provides an online salutation card delivery service and the opportunity of customers to design their own greetings. An additional interesting as well as practical service is providing distributions of ‘Home Packages,’ of specialist local oriental products in close association with local manufacturers of these delicacies.

Postal providers constitute a main nationwide public utility as well as nationwide marketing and sales communications facilities. They perform an important role in promoting as well as enhancing China’s national eco-social status.

The Saving division of China Post started in 2007 already includes 37,000 offices for banking. Apart from these types of banking outlets it also has 45,000 banking exchange service company offices as well as twenty-thousand organizations for international money. Because of the thousands of offices all through China, China Post is in a position to offer an convenient assortment of financial services. Through these types of outlets China Post offers complete and convenient financial services to the citizens of China. The management plans to {broaden} its services in the foreseeable future.

The Logistics and EMS units of China Post allows clients to utilize express overnight shipment, via overnight flights. It also offers slightly slower services as well. All the Logistics and EME services can easily be obtained online. Aerospeed Couriers furthermore provides all these services and numerous others.
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